Lost Gucci Ring Found Bronte Beach, Sydney.

Lost Jewellery Recovery just received a metal detecting service call out on Bronte Beach, Sydney Australia.

Lost jewellery recovery is also known for our LOST AND FOUND services as some rings have already been found before the owner has even called us out. Many owners call lost jewellery recovery a day after even up to 30 years ago about their lost rings have been found and SAFE with lost jewellery recovery just waiting to be claimed by the rightful owners.
Connor lost his ring while on a video shoot, he’s a movie director who unfortunately lost his ring in the soft sand while flicking his hand directing the actors on scene. 
I got down to Bronte Beach within 30 minutes, after Connor explained the search area and how much his ring means to him, I reassured Connor the ring is here and I will find it. After just a quick search of 7 minutes my XP Deus ll metal detector rings up a high T.ID signal of 90+ on the display screen. I then let Connor know this is most likely your ring or possibly a $1 coin, I reach down with my Quest X-Pointer Pro Pin Pointer a special metal detecting tool that pinpoints on the specific target in the sand. The Pin Pointer is ringing up before I even touch the sand indicating to me a shallow surface target, BINGO just as I wipe away an inch of sand Connors lost ring is exposed in the sunlight and Connor jumps for joy what an amazing Ring Rescue, Connor said Thank You Michael your the ring finder legend haha.
Connor and I shake hands and I explain to Connor Lost Jewellery Recovery is a worldwide metal detecting service here to help find lost rings, lost wallets, lost mobile phones and even lost car and house keys, if it’s metal we can find it.

We perform many ring rescues, finding lost rings is what we do best. On average lost jewellery recovery receives 100’s of lost ring reports WORLDWIDE. You can CONTACT any one of our members at lostjewelleryrecovery.com, 24/7 WORLDWIDE our metal detecting service is here to help find your lost jewellery.

This is NOT our JOB, this is what we love doing and why we are highly successful in lost jewellery recoveries. You lose your ring underwater on the dry sand at the beach or in the park or your garden, we can find it.