Lena lost her 21st B-day present 🎁very special Gold Ring💍

G,day Guys👍 
We received a call out from Lena on Bronte Beach who had lost her Gold Ring A gift 🎁 to her on her 21st B,day a few years ago. Lena had broken down in tears fearing she’s lost this very special Ring forever, we managed to calm her down over the phone and most important reassure her that if the ring is in the search area PROVIDED we will find it and if it’s NOT there we’ll extend the search area till the ring is found. We love ❤️  this hobby it’s NOT a job to us. That’s why our success rates are almost 100% successful. We broke down the search area into two grids as it was a large section of the beach to search, we had grid A and grid B, I asked Lena the most likely grid the ring would be in. We used the XP Deus ll metal detector with the Quest X Pointer Pro to perform this search for her lost ring and after an hour search it was NOT in grid A. Lena was Losing ALL hope at this point and I was feeling more than confident of finding her ring😃. I explained rings are Not always where we think they are, we have found HUNDREDS of rings for owners and many are in the last place you expect it to be. This is NOT new to me and why I was confident we’ll find her ring in grid B. After another 20 minutes search BINGO we are on the GOLD💍👍 Lena could  NOT believe her eyes thinking her ring was lost forever then she sees the sparkle of GOLD glimmering from the sand she reached down in Joy Crying, and said THANK YOU so much THANK YOU 😃 Lena’s Face just filled with pure happiness really shows how much her ring means to her and it was our absolute pleasure, to reunite Lena with her Beautiful Gold Ring💍👍