George from U.K Lost his Wedding Ring P.S Don't tell my Wife!!

Michael Oliver from LOST JEWELLERY RECOVERY Metal Detecting Services 0434 985 992 has received a few calls from Shelly Beach, Clovelly Beach, Maroubra Beach, Bondi Beach and the Wollongong Beaches south of Sydney. Coming into winter and we are still flat out finding lost jewellery for owners❤️ Today I received a call from George who is pretty stressed out as he just lost his wedding ring on Coogee Beach Sydney Australia. George explained he lost his ring just 30 minutes ago somewhere on the dry sand ( Michael can you help me? I have NOT yet told my wife I lost my wedding ring!!) I replied George you did the right thing mate call me before telling your wife you lost it. This is good for 2 reasons 1. we don't want to stress your wife when I will find your ring. 2. This prevents any and all unnecessary stress on your marriage, George said he's only been married for 2 years now and I'm on holidays, I live in the UK and ONLY have a few days left in Sydney. Noworries George your ring is here and I will find it I PROMISE. 30 minutes later I'm here on Coogee Beach with George he explained the search area, I said noworries I'll have your lost ring back on your finger in a few minutes. Equipped with the XP Deus ll metal detector and the Quest X-Pointer Pro Pinpointer I get straight into the search, Just 2 minutes in a T.I.D reading of 44 to 45 is reading on my metal detector I told George he can start filming on his camera as I'm pretty sure this target is your lost ring. Reaching down to locate the target with the Pin Pointer scraping just a few centre metres of sand away and BINGO I found the ring, George jumps in the air with excitement. Michael you just saved my HOLIDAY, I'm going to tell everyone about your amazing worldwide metal detecting services. You are most welcome George I'm just happy I can help. LOST JEWELLERY RECOVERY is also a LOST AND FOUND SERVICE we have over 10 years of lost property sitting in lock up waiting to be claimed❤️ we post pics of items we find WORLDWIDE.  

we can find lost iPhones, lost watches like apple watches & even Rollex's we found 5 of these for owners, lost necklaces, lost bracelets, lost jewellery, lost wallets, lost keys, lost hearing aids, lost earrings and most common lost wedding rings like your beautiful lost Platinum wedding ring today, Don't worry I'm a You Tuber: Michael Oliver your SECRET of losing your wedding ring is just between YOU ME and the WORLD.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays here in Australia and remember to visit these beautiful locations I sent you a message with all the details.