Found Kimia's STOLEN iPhone 15 Max RETURNED

Michael Oliver from LOST JEWELLERY RECOVERY Metal Detecting Services 0434 985 992 has just received a stressful call out from owner Kimia who unfortunately had her whole bag stolen including her NEW iPhone 15 max which she is still paying off which also has all her contacts and precious photos. Her bag was stolen off Bondi Beach Sydney Australia by BAG THIEVES. These people are hurting many people every year stealing cash money, credit cards, jewellery, watches and phones. I explained to Kimia this is NOT my first recovery for stolen items and I know where these BAG THIEVES like to hide your property. Kimia luckily had tracked her iPhone from her apple watch giving me a search area of about 20 metres by 20 metres. 20 metres of the search area was in the grass and bush and the other 20 metres was on the sand. Kimia said she found her bag on the grass and asked me to search in the grass and bushes first. I said yes of course however BAG THIEVES like to hide stolen property in an easy access area like buried in the sand next to a rock. We call this a VISUAL MARKER. They hide stolen phones here and come back for them when they feel it's safe to do so. Don't worry Kimia your phone is here and I WILL FIND IT. I'm onto the BAG THIEVES tricks. To be honest I'm sick and bloody tired of these BAG THIEVES stealing off people and when we catch them we hand them over to the police where they can be charged. I set up my XP Deus ll Metal Detector and started the search, just 10 minutes into the search in the grass and bush I found another stolen bag with cash inside. I said to Kimia the BAG THIEVES did NOT have much time to go through this bag as the cash was still inside, this bag of cash money was handed into the life guards.

I now start the search in the sand and focus my search next to a few large rocks we call VISUAL MARKERS. I reassured Kimia her phone will be buried in the sand and I will find it. 5 minutes into searching the sand I get a strong T.ID reading of the high 80's on my XP Deus ll Metal Detector, I reach down digging away just 2 inches of sand. I feel a large flat object, BINGO Kimia reaches down and pulls her NEW stolen iPhone 15 Max from the sand. Kimia bursts out in tears of joy. Thank you Michael, kimia said. We have a close look at Kimia's phone and see they could NOT access her phone so they decided to smash her screen. Kimia is devastated and I'm even more heartbroken to see her in tears again. Luckily the screen we have been told can be replaced. 

WARNING ⚠️  to BAG THIEVES we are sick and tired of YOU stealing from people. Here at LOST JEWELLERY RECOVERY we will run you off the beach and hand you over to the POLICE. You can be charged with a CRIMINAL RECORD that can have a heavy impact on your life. STEALING it's NOT worth it. 

We have our tricks on catching BAG THIEVES, I know where to find your stolen property, what makes you think I can't find you!! STOP NOW OR FACE 🚨CRIMINAL CHARGES🚨