Found 2 Rings Lost 6 Months Ago in Moore Bank Sydney

Today Lost Jewellery Recovery received a metal detecting call out from Marty, who's wife has unfortunately lost both her wedding ring and engagement ring over 6 months ago. The family drove to More bank sports field where their daughter was playing a game of soccer. Marty parked his car on the grass car park this is where his wife had her rings on her lap and totally forgot they were there and they fell into the log grass next to there car. Not realising she had lost her rings till after their daughter game. For 6 months the rings have been just sitting there in the grass of the car park. Marty heard about Lost Jewellery Recovery metal detecting service from friends and 6 months later has given me a call.

I meet up with Marty at location the next day after speaking on the phone, Marty explained the situation of the rings being lost and told me its their 26th year wedding ANNIVERSARY in just 1 week, I reassured Marty that i will find his wife's wedding rings if they are still here.

45 minutes into the search using my XP Deus ll metal detector and Quest X-Pointer Pro pin pointer a vital tool for any lost jewellery recovery in parks or yards.  I dig many trash targets like old coke can thats been chopped up by council mowers is common along with a few coins. 

Marty at this stage if confident id find the rings BUT he believes they are long gone as its been 6 months lost.

Then my Metal Detector gets a firm T.ID reading in the mid 40's of my XP Deus ll and BINGO we are on the first lost ring and its still half visually seen by the naked eye. then just 10cm away BINGO we are on the Diamond engagement ring. the heavy side of the engagement ring was buried in the grass roots with the back of the ring hanging our exposed and also seen by the naked eye. Marty jumped for joy and shouted YOU LEGEND Michael, I can't believe you found both of my wifes rings and just in time for our 26th wedding anniversary next week!!

I explained to Marty a ring lost in the park or in your yard will NOT go anywhere fast unless it is physically picked up and removed. 

here at lost jewellery recovery we help find lost rings all the time along with finding mobile phones lost car keys lost wallets and everything else metallic we can find.

Marty it is a PLEASURE to meet you and I wish you and your wife the BEST 26th wedding anniversary celebration with reuniting her with her beautiful wedding rings.

if you lose, I can find it.

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