Lost Wedding Ring Found Underwater at Chowder Bay Sydney

Lost Jewellery Recovery is flat out on metal detecting searches both on land and underwater, Today I received a lost wedding ring callout from the owner Daniel. Who lost his ring in the water at Chowder Bay in Sydney Harbour while swimming.

Daniel was curious what my success rate is for finding lost items underwater, I explained if you know the correct search area, I know I can find it. 

The metal detecting search was booked in, I met with Daniel at Chowder Bay he explained the search area precisely as he felt his ring slip off his finger, I reassured Daniel this will be a successful search however you will see me pick up a lot of trash before I find your lost ring. After an hours search I came across a high T.ID reading on my XP Deus ll metal detector I knew straight away this is either Daniels lost wedding ring or it's another lead sinker. Just as I dig the target I see this beautiful glimmer of GOLD in the shovel and BINGO this is Daniel's lost wedding ring. I run back up to the car to see Daniel and he just said MATE YOU SAVED MY MARRIAGE, your a bloody legend Michael, THANK YOU. I said to be honest, you put me in the correct search area it's because of you Daniel the Metal detecting search is a SUCCESS!!

Daniel was curious asking where else do I metal detecting searches, I replied YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW lol. I've done metal detecting searches for lost rings in STINKY garbage bins, up trees, under houses, underwater, I've even metal detected lost ring swallowed by the family pet dog TRUE STORY and more then once.

I perform lost jewellery recoveries up and down the coast on all our local beaches, we are a LOST AND FOUND SERVICE. We find lost mobile phones, lost car keys, lost wallets, lost apple watches, lost jewellery and of course lost wedding rings all the time. I LOVE THIS HOBBY this is NOT my JOB, life's a beach for me and I love it. reuniting lost property to owners is an AWESOME adrenaline rush especially when the owners think theres still NO way its possible I can find their lost ring, then when I emerge from the water holding the owners ring they are speechless. These moments are priceless and I have helped hundreds and hundreds of people over the years. 

We metal detect all the beaches here in Sydney like Bondi Beach, Coogee Beach, Maroubra Beach, Cronulla Beach, Manly Beach, Shelly Beach, Whale Beach, Dee Why Beach, Fresh Water Beach, Sydney Harbour and many more bays and beaches in between. finding lost rings lost jewellery lost phones lost car keys, wallets and anything else metallic is what we do best here at lost jewellery recovery.