Lost Ring Cronulla Beach, Found Meg's Lost Engagement Ring

Michael Oliver from Lost Jewellery Recovery 0434 985 992 has received a metal detecting service call out from Meg, who unfortunately lost her priceless Engagement ring at Cronulla Beach while swimming underwater. Meg was feeling very stressed and sick in the stomach, I immediately reassured Meg. Don't worry about anything I WILL FIND YOUR LOST RING. I've helped hundreds of people find their lost rings, many of them lost underwater.
Within the hour I was on Cronulla Beach all geared up with my Xp Deus ll metal Detector and Blu3 dive system and Quest Pin Pointer. Meg provided me with the search location I then set up my grid lines and started my search, after 20 minutes I've found a few coins, trash and one ring that is not Meg's lost ring, Now 40 minutes into the search I get a solid T.ID signal on my metal detector and start to dig, Just 5 cm under the sand I see this Beautiful glimmer of gold then I see the BIGGEST diamond attached to this ring. BINGO I have found Meg's lost Engagement Ring. I jumped out of the water with EXCITEMENT and Meg see's the BIGGEST smile on my face. Meg runs down to the water and asked DID YOU JUST FIND MY RING? I replied, I found 2 ring's and one of them I think is yours. I open my hand revealing the lost ring's, Meg and her mother JUMP and scream out thats my ring Michael Thank you so much. We knew you would find it as we watched you metal detect your so focused and dedicated, THANK YOU. Meg and her Mother give me a nice warm hug and I'm also instantly filled with relief as this was NOT just a very expensive ring, its Meg's Engagement ring and her husband is in the UK sleeping and never knew Meg had lost her ring. they have NOT been married for long and a loss of a ring can put stress on a marriage and it's my job to make sure every ring is found. A big thanks to Meg's father for referring Lost Jewellery Recovery to his daughter.
Lost Jewellery Recovery is also a LOST AND FOUND SERVICE if you ever lose anything special to you in the past or present CONTACT US TODAY.
We have over 10 years of lost property sitting in lock up waiting to be claimed by owners. I have helped hundreds of people find their lost rings, I'm very good at what I do simply because this is NOT my JOB, this is my LIFE I LOVE METAL DETECTING. 90% of what we find is trash and it's our responsibility to remove trash from our waterways as we find it.
I've Recently found more lost rings, keys and mobile phones on Balmoral Beach, Coogee Beach, Little Bay Beach, Maroubra Beach, Bondi Beach, Bronte Beach, Milk Beach, Narrabeen Beach, Wollongong Beach, Tamarama Beach, Freshwater Beach, Whale Beach, Manly Beach, Shelly Beach, Chinamans Beach, Brighton-Le Sands Beach, Wattamulla Beach, North Curl Curl Beach, Little Manly Beach, Clovelly Beach, Steyne Beach, Palm Beach, Chowder Bay, Lady Bay Beach, Congwong Beach, Queenscliffe Beach, Avalon Beach, Lady Martins Beach, Resolute Beach, Bilgola Beach, Mona Vale Beach, Newport Beach, Reef Beach, Camp Cove, Worriewood Beach, Seven Shillings Beach, Collins Flat Beach.
These are just a few beaches I metal detect both on land and underwater and find lost rings, car keys, mobile phones. 
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