Lost iPhone 12 Found Underwater Returned to Owner

Michael Oliver from Lost Jewellery Recovery Received a call from an owner who Unfortunately lost her i Phone 12 when she was fishing off the Tarren Point Bridge on the Georges river. The phone dropped in 3 metres of water the day before Christmas.

After speaking with the owner, I let her know in my experience these NEW phones are waterproof to less than 3 metres however even though your phone is in the water for longer than 8 hours I'm most confident when I find your phone, she'll still be in working order.

Within the hour i'm on location with my XP Deus ll  metal Detector, Blu3 nomad mini dive system and my new Orca Torches. I Had to jump off the dock as theres no stair case entry, 20 minutes into the search i remove plenty of trash now 30 minutes into the search I get a positive T.ID reading on my metal detector and BINGO I have found her lost i Phone and the screen lit up underwater indicating the phone still works.

I cut myself free of a few fishing lines that i'm stuck in and make my way to the surface, looking up to the owner I let her know I found your lost phone and even better news she still works.

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