Found Shona's Lost Diamond Ring Underwater at Balmoral Beach

Today I received a lost jewellery recovery metal detecting service call out from Shona who unfortunately lost her beautiful 18k yellow gold wedding ring covered in beautiful diamonds.

Shona explained she was standing at the end of the walk way over the water when a person walking by had bumped into her accidentally. This is when the ring had slipped off her finger and rolled across the wooden plat form straight off the edge into the water below. Her husband jumped in after the ring he free dived 4 metres down to the ocean floor searching for the lost wedding ring, after 30 minutes of searching the locals advised them to call Michael Oliver from LOST JEWELLERY RECOVERY.

After speaking with Shona, the metal detecting search was booked in for the following morning. I met Shona at Balmoral Beach Sydney at 10am, Today's search is in 4 metres of water I used the XP Deus ll Metal Detector along with my Quest X-pointer Max Metal Detector. I used the Blu3 Nomad dive system.

Shona asked me what are the chances of finding my ring? I told Shona i'm familiar with this location it's unfortunately packed with trash besides it slowing the search down, I SAID WITH CONFIDENCE I WILL FIND YOUR LOST RING. 

I geared up and hit the water. My first dive over 1 hour and no ring, I came back to Shona explaining this is NOT the correct search location, DON'T worry Shona this happens sometimes. I then explained to Shona NOT to worry I will find your ring, now lets retrace your steps. Shona then told me she thinks the ring could be near the other pier just a few metres away, I replied AWESOME I'll reset my grid line and dive back into the underwater metal detecting search, After just 5 minutes I get a surface reading on my XP Deus ll underwater metal detector I pull out my quest X-Pointer max metal detector to locate the exact location of the target and BINGO I have found Shona's lost GOLD WEDDING RING.

As I emerge from the water Shona spots her lost ring on my pinky finger and screams for joy THANK YOU Michael you legend, I can't believe you found my wedding ring. I apologised the search took over an hour to find the ring. This was simply because the amount of trash I have to dig.

Shona and her husband messaged me later that day THANKING me again for all the effort and patients I have for them. I explained to Shona this is my passion, I LOVE METAL DETECTING and reuniting lost jewellery with owners is what I do best. 

LOST JEWELLERY RECOVERY is a worldwide metal detecting service, where ever you are in the world I have many contacts worldwide that can help find and reunite YOU with your lost jewellery.

we can find anything metallic like, apple watches, i phones, wallets, watches, necklaces, car keys, bike keys and of course lost wedding rings. We search all our local beaches like Bondi Beach, Coogee Beach, Cronulla Beach, Tamarama Beach, Bronte Beach, Little Bay, Whale Beach, Shelly Beach, Dee Why Beach, Freshwater Beach, balmoral Beach, China man's Bay, Palm Beach, Gordon's Bay and all the other Beaches Sydney wide.

have YOU ever lost anything? please contact me at as I have over 15 years of lost property in lockup just waiting to be claimed by YOU or your family and friends who have lost property in the past.

If it's there I can find it.