Found Owners Lost Engagement Ring

Lost Jewellery Recovery was called out to help find a lost engagement ring on Bondi Beach that belongs to a young couple only married a few ago, they travelled from India to Australia for holidays and the second day in Australia, they lost their engagement ring on the beach. After a quick search on google they found us and within the hour I was on location in search for the owners lost ring. In just 30 minutes I found the owners ring, buried 2 inches deep into the sand. Their faces lit up the young lady cried for joy as she told me she thought the ring was lost forever. I said I love metal detecting and if the ring is here I will find it 100%, as we perform professional grid searches meaning we don’t miss an inch of search area. We run a popular metal detecting service here on Bondi Beach, we search both the sand and in the water for your lost car keys, phones, wallets and we specialise as Ring Finders. I have Found Hundreds of lost Rings for owners using a range of different Metal Detectors. 

You lose it, we’ll get it back to you