Returned Lost Ring to Husband after His Wife Drowned at Shelly Beach Sydney

Lost Jewellery Recovery received a lost ring report from both the police and local media yesterday, they were looking for a lost wedding ring that belonged to a young lady drowned on Shelly Beach the day before. 

This is a very sad story most of which we CANNOT PROVIDE TO THE PUBLIC.

The lady was ONLY 32 years old, they were on their honey moon ONLY married for 3 days when they decided to take a swim at Shelly Beach Sydney. The lady removed her wedding ring before entering the water, we believed she either placed the ring on her towel or in her bag. From here all we know is that she Drowned at Shelly Beach, she was removed from the water and CPR was performed on her, unfortunately she died shortly after!!

The day after the drowning our Lost Jewellery Recovery metal detecting service team was on location, it was a 3 man team, Vic, Pete and Michael Oliver. We set up a large grid area Pete and Vic were on location an hour before I arrived as I had just finished up on another Lost Jewellery Recovery. 

Vic and Pete had already metal detected a large part of the search area, another hour into the search Vic screamed out to me as he started finding medical equipment a large heavy metal rod that took 2 batteries was found, I informed Vic he had found the area where the ambulance had performed CPR on the young lady where her personal affects were on the beach. Pete and I metal detected the surrounding area as Vic metal detected and closed in on the lost wedding ring. Just 5 minutes after finding the Medical equipment Vic gets a solid T.ID reading on his display screen showing a shallow NON-FERROUS target on his metal detector. Vic placed his scoop into the sand and as he pulled it out he hears metal rattling on the bottom of his scoop and BINGO, Vic has found the lost wedding ring. Vic screamed out to Pete and I, we ran over to Vic and once we seen the ring we cross referenced it with the photo the police provided to Lost Jewellery Recovery, confirming what we already knew was the ladies lost wedding ring. 

Lost Jewellery Recovery then called the Manly Police Station to inform them we had found the lost wedding ring and that we are on the way to the station to hand it in.

The police offices congratulated us on our efforts in finding the ring and informed us that the embassy and owner might want to get in touch with us to thank us in person, we provided all our contact details with the police and said this is what we do FULL-TIME. We love metal detecting and finding and reuniting lost jewellery with owners is what we live for. The police now have Lost Jewellery Recovery in there system and will continue to reach out to us when people need our help. We metal detect both on land and underwater, we can find mobile phones, watches, hand bags, ear rings, necklaces and most common wedding rings. If it's metallic we can find it.

A big thanks to everyone involved and all your efforts, this will bring some comfort to her husband.

PLEASE always swim between the red and yellow flags, if your NOT sure and surf conditions are heavy. Do not enter the water.


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