18k lost gold chain Dee Why Beach, Sydney. Returned to owner

Lost Jewellery Recovery just received a metal detecting call out for a lost gold chain on Dee Why Beach, Sydney, Australia. The owner Rod was stressed and upset with himself for losing his 18k, 50 gram gold chain. It’s an expensive loss, however the sentimental value of his chain far exceeds its weight in gold. This chain was a gift from his grandmother who had passed away. Rod told me I did a lost jewellery recovery for him 5 years ago for his lost gold wedding ring I found for him, I apologised as I did not remember him as we have had hundreds of lost jewellery recoveries since then and normally I’m pretty good at remembering faces. I got to Dee Why Beach within the hour to meet up with Rod, after Rod explained the search area I then set up the grid search using my XP Deus ll metal detector and Quest X-Pointer Max Metal detector. 5 minutes into the search BINGO I get a T.ID reading of 49 on my metal detector, I use the Quest X-Pointer Max to locate this beautiful gold chain. Rod SCREAMED in joy and said you legend Michael as I pulled his lost gold chain from the sand, THANK YOU so much. I replied you are most welcome it’s beautiful gold chain you can continue to keep in your family where she belongs.

Here at lost Jewellery Recovery we help find lost wedding rings, lost key, lost phones, lost wallets and anything else metallic. And if it’s not metal or you’re not sure, pleas give us a call. On land or underwater we can find your lost property.

Support me in my journey of keeping our parks and waterways trash free and help people find and reunite with their beloved lost belongings along the way.

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Lost your ring?

Chances are it is here at LJR, waiting for you to claim. If not, I am more than happy to help locate it.

If you have lost your item on this beach, give me call and answer the following questions to clarify you as the rightful owner.

  • Is it engraved/not engraved? If engraved, what does the engraving say?
  • Is it Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds etc? Carat?
  • Location where this item was lost?
  • Clear description of the item.
  • Picture of you wearing the item.
  • Purchase receipt.

LJR looks forward to your call and I personally look forward to meeting you and returning your beloved item.


If you make a false claim it is considered as stealing and legal action can be taken.