Dive For David's Lost Wedding Ring

David has just lost his gold diamond wedding ring while swimming at Malabar Beach Sydney, Dave was married for over 30 years with his loving wife who unfortunately passed away 20 years ago. The loss of David's wedding ring was too much to bare as it's one of the last precious memories he has of his wife. After a quick search on google Dave found ljrworldwide.com and called Michael Oliver to come out and help find David's lost treasure. Today we used the XP Deus ll underwater metal detector with the Quest X-Pointer Max to Free dive and search for the lost ring. After 20 minutes of finding 2 x20 cent coins a hand full of bottle tops I came across a good solid signal in the 80's with the XP Deus ll metal detector, I dive down over the target to fan the sand away and slowly revealing the beautiful glimmer of gold, not sure this is Dave's Ring Rescue, I jump out of the ocean and present the ring to Dave, he had the BIGGEST smile on his face, this was a clear indication I found his lost wedding ring. Dave could not believe his eyes and never new underwater metal detecting services even exits, in finding lost treasures for owners. Here at ljrworldwide.com we find many lost treasures performing lost jewellery recoveries on a worldwide scale we help hundred's of people using a range of metal detectors. Thousands of people lose millions of dollars in lost jewellery every year and its our responsibility to reunite lost jewellery with YOU the owners. We have a global community of ring finders out there, we also find lost wallets, car keys, phones, watches, sun glasses, boat props and most common wedding rings, If it's metal we can find it. We help Find lost rings almost daily in summer, this is not a JOB this is our PASSION. We  love what we do and it's the reason why we are highly successful in finding and reuniting lost jewellery with owners. We have found Hundred's of lost wedding rings over the years. If it's there we will find it

Support me in my journey of keeping our parks and waterways trash free and help people find and reunite with their beloved lost belongings along the way.

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Lost your ring?

Chances are it is here at LJR, waiting for you to claim. If not, I am more than happy to help locate it.

If you have lost your item on this beach, give me call and answer the following questions to clarify you as the rightful owner.

  • Is it engraved/not engraved? If engraved, what does the engraving say?
  • Is it Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds etc? Carat?
  • Location where this item was lost?
  • Clear description of the item.
  • Picture of you wearing the item.
  • Purchase receipt.

LJR looks forward to your call and I personally look forward to meeting you and returning your beloved item.


If you make a false claim it is considered as stealing and legal action can be taken.