Lee's Heart Broken after Losing her Beautiful Diamond Wedding Ring

Michael Oliver from LOST JEWELLERY RECOVERY Metal Detecting Services 0434 985 992 has received many call outs for lost jewellery this week at Queens Beach, Bondi Beach, Little Bay Beach, Coogee Beach, Narrabeen Beach and a few small bays in Sydney Harbour. 

Lee has just visited Sydney for holidays when she unfortunately lost her beautiful gold diamond wedding ring on Shelly Beach Cronulla, while walking with her friend on the beach. Lee searched for hours combing the soft sand for her lost ring with no luck, after a quick search on google she contacted Michael Oliver from LOST JEWELLERY RECOVERY Metal Detecting Service. After speaking with Lee on the phone I could feel how stressed she was in tears and very sad and I reassured Lee, I WILL FIND YOUR RING!! within the hour I got to Shelly Beach. Lee explained the search area and I said noworries I'll have your ring back on your finger before your husband knows you even lost it.

Today I'm using my XP Deus ll metal detector along with my Quest X-Pointer Pro Pin Pointer. Just 5 minutes into the search I dig a bunch of bottle caps and coins. I told Lee, you lost your ring in a very unique area. I've never dug so many coins in one small space like this, Now 30 minutes into the search Lee is losing hope of finding her lost ring. I said DON'T worry Lee your ring is here and I will find it. It's just taking a little longer to find as we need to dig all the targets. I'm really EXCITED as I know I will find Lee's ring and who knows what else I will find. Now 45 minutes into our metal detecting search and we get a good reading in the 50's of my XP Deus ll metal detector, this target is right against the rock the girls were also sitting on. I take out my Quest X-Pointer Pro Pin Pointer to locate the target and BINGO just as I move the sand this beautiful glimmer of gold and diamonds is EXPOSED and Lee bursts out in tears of joy jumping higher than an Olympic gold medalist!! Thank you Michael for your confidence, you said you'd find my ring and you did, you are amazing this means so much to me Thank You, You are most welcome Lee. Please let your friends and family know LOST JEWELLERY RECOVERY is also a LOST AND FOUND SERVICE we have over 10 years of valuable lost memories sitting in lock up waiting to be claimed by owners like yourself❤️

LOST JEWELLERY RECOVERY is the WORLDWIDE Metal Detecting Service in both land and underwater metal detecting searches, we are here for you when you lose car keys, lost phones, lost bags, lost wallets, lost watch, lost necklace, lost jewellery, lost wedding ring we can even find lost hearing aids which are one of the most difficult things to find as they have very little metallic content. 

When you lose it, we'll find it💦💍👍