Doug Lost His $10,000 Custom American Made Wedding Ring

G,day Guys👍 🎉HAPPY EASTER🎉 Michael Oliver from LOST JEWELLERY RECOVERY Metal Detecting Services 0434 985 992 has received a few call outs for Palm Beach, La Perouse Beach, Shelly Beach, Coogee Beach, Bondi Beach and Maroubra Beach. A call came in from Doug who unfortunately lost his wedding ring in the shallow waters of Sydney Harbour at Point Piper. 

Doug explained he lost his wedding ring while playing in the water with the kids when he felt his ring fly off his finger. Doug searched for a good hour then had given up all hope of finding his lost ring in the water. I received the call from Doug and I drove down to Point Piper with in the hour, Doug explained the search area and I reassured Doug, I WILL FIND YOUR LOST RING. Luckily this is a straight forward search and the tide has dropped so I'm thinking your ring is now just on the tide line possibly only ankle deep water. I set up my XP Deus ll metal detector in Beach mode adjust a few settings and started the search, I made my way from South to North as I felt Doug's ring is most likely to be out of the water due to the drop in the tide and the incline on this beach was on the steeper side. Just 10 minutes into the search I found a few bottle caps and old brass nails then my XP Deus ll metal detector gets a solid T.ID reading of 90, WOW this feels a little high to be gold, I asked if it was a silver ring Doug said NO its 18k gold and $10,000 in value this means to me its a very heavy ring and I told Doug he can film this as I believe the target I'm bout to dig is your lost ring Doug. I pin point the target and dig it with my shovel, Doug and I watch the sand drain from the holes in my shovel and BINGO the beautiful shimmer of gold was slowly exposed, Doug is in shock. Michael you found my lost ring mate THANK YOU, your most welcome Doug. Finding lost rings is what we do best mate. 

Here at LOST JEWELLERY RECOVERY, we have a TEAM of highly motivated and dedicated metal detectorists WORLDWIDE helping people every day. We find lost keys, lost mobile phones, lost watches, lost apple watches are most popular, lost necklaces, lost hearing aids, lost bracelets, lost bags, lost wallets and most popular is lost wedding and lost engagement rings. We are a LOST AND FOUND SERVICE property we find while hobby metal detecting is placed in lockup where it waits for owners like YOU to claim❤️

When you lose something special, we take great pride in finding your belongings and returning them to you. We metal detect both on land and underwater theres NOT many places a lost ring can hide from us. We have even metal detected family pets as dog's have swallowed wedding rings in the past and we can metal detect your dog SUCCESSFULLY, rings swallowed by family pets are passed through and pooped out within a few days this is when we can recover these lost rings.

We have hundred's of CRAZY Lost Jewellery Recoveries where people lose Jewellery in some of the most unbelievable places. Check out youTube: Michael Oliver to see us in ACTION.