Welcome to Lost Jewellery Recovery. My name is Michael Oliver I run the worldwide Metal Detecting Services. I am scuba qualified and metal detect the ocean, beach, yards and parks. 20 years experience and over 1,000 rings found, I take great pride in recovering your belongings for you.

We provide professional metal detecting services worldwide, LOST JEWELLERY RECOVERY are the leaders in metal detecting services, finding anything metallic. We also work with police, fire and rescue teams.

When you lose it, we can find it


  • Land Detector: XP Deus ll Metal Detector
  • Water Detector: Mine Lab Excalibur 11 (Waterproof to 200 feet)
  • Pin pointer: Quest X-Pointer Pro
  • BLU3 dive systems (2 to 5 hours dive time)
  • BLU3 Nemo, BLU3 Nomad Mini & BLU3 Nomad
  • Waydoo Subnado, for sand blasting and revealing lost rings.
  • Modified heavy duty plastic cyclone shovel for beach and water recoveries
  • Custom made aluminium scoop for beach recoveries
  • Various garden digging tools for yards and park recoveries


$150, for a two hour search. This is a standard NSW search fee, which includes equipment needed for recovery, travel costs to and from location, petrol, toll, etc. Most items are recovered within the first hour. Donations on top of fees are deeply appreciated and go towards equipment maintenance, but are not expected.