Found Valuable Lost Gold Diamond Rings at Coogee Beach & Manly Beach

Michael Oliver from LOST JEWELLERY RECOVERY Metal Detecting Service had just received the third metal detecting service call out that day for Coogee Beach, Bondi Beach and Manly Beach. The owner was stressed as this is NOT just a ring, it belonged to his father. He explained he lost his dad's ring while swimming in the waves at Coogee Beach Sydney and asked if there is any chance at all it can be found? I replied YES although Coogee Beach can be a rough beach to metal detect it's NOT exactly a beach that has powerful rips in general. 

The search is booked in and I got down to location shortly after. Now at Coogee Beach I'm speaking with the owner in person, as he explains the search area, I said mate this is right in the surf breakers and the only issue here is that I can't use any physical markers as the waves will rip them out unfortunately. DON'T worry if the ring is there I WILL FIND IT. The search area is now organised and I switch on my XP Deus ll metal detector and jump in the surf. After 3 hours of being smashed by big waves and digging plenty of trash my body is feeling the pain as I continue to be pounded by waves theres NO bloody way I'm giving up this search now!!

20 minutes later I get a great T.ID reading on my metal detector, this could be the ring. Now I face the challenge of digging the ring is rough surf, as the waves hit me they move me away from the ring, This is really frustrating as I don't know if this is the lost ring or not. 10 minutes goes by very slow and I catch a break between waves, I make my move to dig the target and BINGO we are on the GOLD. I quickly grabbed the ring slipped it on my finger before the next wave hits me. I jump out of the surf and scream out to the owner, I GOT HER MATE. He was so relieved to have his father ring back, Michael I can't thank you enough mate. This ring means the world to me and it will be passed down to my children and there's, you are most welcome mate it was great to meet you and really happy I could get your fathers ring back to you. 

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We metal detect for lost treasures on all our local beaches from Bondi Beach, Freshwater Beach, Bronte Beach, Curl Curl Beach, Cronulla Beach, Clovelly Beach, Steyne Beach, Palm Beach, Tamarama Beach, Wattamulla Beach, Maroubra Beach, Godon's Bay, Narrabeen Beach, Chowder Bay, Shelly Beach, Congwong Beach, Balmoral Beach, Queenscliff Beach, Avalon Beach, Lady Martins Beach, Bilgola Beach, Mona Vale Beach, New Port Beach, Milk Beach, Whale Beach, Little Bay Beach, Reef Beach, Camp Cove, Warriewood Beach, Garie Beach, Murray Rose Pool, Station Beach, Clontarf Beach, Manly Cove, Forty Baskets Beach. These are some of the beaches we metal detect often, if you have ever lost anything on these beaches or any other beach in Sydney or the WORLD, Please CONTACT Lost Jewellery Recovery TODAY as we are a WORLDWIDE metal detecting service. When you lose it our team can find it. We can help find lost mobile phone, lost keys, lost jewellery, lost wallets, lost hand bags, lost watches, lost wedding ring rings, lost ear rings, lost necklaces and so much more. Providing metal detecting services both on land and underwater. I have found and reunited hundreds upon hundreds of lost jewellery with owners over the past 10 years. I have to admit this is NOT my job, I live to metal detect. WE LOVE IT.