Diving Parramatta River Returned owners New Phone

Today Lost Jewellery Recovery received a call out from a distressed owner who unfortunately lost his Mobile phone, this is a very stressful situation as our phones have everything on them and all his important work contacts are on his phone along with family❤️ photos. The owner explained how important it is to him, I told him with confidence. If its there will find it👍 I'll be using our new XP Deus ll metal detector with the new large 13'' search coil with the Bone conduction head phones. Backed up with the Quest X-Pointer Pro pin pointer, I use pin pointers a lot especially in murky low vis waters. The Parramatta river is polluted and I don't recommend swimming here. Now i'm geared up with my BLU3 Nemo dive system and hit the water, as I dive below the surface I'm surrounded by trash and shopping trolleys this is going to be a challenging search but definately possible👍👍 After Just 15 minutes of metal detecting underwater, I get a Good T.I.D reading on while conducting my metal detecting search and BINGO we are on the phone🤗 I'm really happy to find the owners phone so fast and even more happy to get out of this Polluted trashy river!! (I'll come back here with our fishing magnet and claw to rip all that trash and trolleys out of the river) Just as I surface I hold up the owners lost phone, he was over the moon I could even find it in murky low vis waters. He was very grateful to have his phone back, he jumped for joy🤗 he asked me what else I find and and where else do I metal detect, I replied I metal detect up in trees on the side of highways in garbage bins full of soiled poopy nappies down drain pipes. I can even metal detect your family pet❤️ thats right I can even tell you if your dog swallowed your wedding ring. this happened to my sister,TRUE STORY lol 😂 

Here at lost jewellery recovery we specialise  in finding lost wedding rings, watches, glasses, phones, wallets, jewellery and anything else metallic. We are highly successful in lost jewellery recoveries as this is NOT my JOB this is my PASSION my LIFE❤️ I love finding and reuniting lost property with owners and have found over 1,000 rings on both recoveries and hobby hunting. if you lost jewellery, call me.we could have it waiting for you to claim in lock up💦💍👍

Support me in my journey of keeping our parks and waterways trash free and help people find and reunite with their beloved lost belongings along the way.

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Lost your ring?

Chances are it is here at LJR, waiting for you to claim. If not, I am more than happy to help locate it.

If you have lost your item on this beach, give me call and answer the following questions to clarify you as the rightful owner.

  • Is it engraved/not engraved? If engraved, what does the engraving say?
  • Is it Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds etc? Carat?
  • Location where this item was lost?
  • Clear description of the item.
  • Picture of you wearing the item.
  • Purchase receipt.

LJR looks forward to your call and I personally look forward to meeting you and returning your beloved item.


If you make a false claim it is considered as stealing and legal action can be taken.