Found Alex TINY Lost Gold Chain on Bondi Beach

Michael Oliver from LOST JEWELLERY RECOVERY Metal Detecting Service 0434 985 992 has just received a text from Alex from France who unfortunately lost his beautiful Gold chain on Bondi Beach, it was given to him by his family. I called Alex and to my surprise Alex could NOT speak much english. I text Alex back and I was on Bondi Beach within the hour. We communicated through GOOGLE. Alex provided the search area I then sectioned off the search area and started up my XP Deus ll metal detector with my Quest X-Pointer pro. This Search is going to be extremely difficult as the chain was very thin and the pendant was also quite small. I changed my metal detector mode from (BEACH) to (GOLD FIELD) and upped the SENS to give me an extra punch in detection depth. 15 minutes into this search I'm finding tiny bits of foil this is to be expected as this detector is ADVANCED in finding the smallest of treasures. Now 45 minutes into the search I get a very low CONDUCTIVE T.ID reading in the 30's, I had a good feeling on this one. I used my Quest X-pointer pro to pin point the target and Bingo just a few centre metres under the sand is Alex's beautiful Gold Chain. Alex reached down to pick up his chain then broke down in tears of relief. I understand the feeling of losing something so special. Alex then reached out to me and said THANK YOU Michael. I can see in Alex's eyes how much this chain means to him and it's a real pleasure to help find it.

Now we have 3 more call outs for lost rings on Cronulla Beach, Shelly Beach and Wollongong Beach.

Lately we have had to find lost hearing aids, lost mobile phones, lost car keys, many lost rings and jewellery BOTH underwater and on land.

Our success rates on finding lost rings and jewellery is well over 90% thanks to owners for providing the correct search areas.

I take great pride in finding every lost item, If it's there I will find it.