Lost Ring found at Chiswick - Parramatta River Sydney

Today I had a call, to come out to Chiswick to meet up with Matt (owner) who lost his wedding band the day before. Matt told me he and his wife Shelley were having a picnic when he noticed the ring slipped from his finger, hit the ground then rolled off over the ledge. The search area was just off the ledge of a 7 metre cliff face and basically just rolled off into the murky waters of the parramatta river. Search area was believed to be only 1 metre square, so I decided to use my Minelab Excalibur 11 metal detector and throw my hookah line down the cliff face and keep my scuba tank on the edge, sounds easy. After 2 hours of pulling out enough car parts to build a car I started expanding the search grid to 3 metres, on the 3rd hour I was making my way back to the ladder that Matt supplied. Tired from moving large chunks of metal around and not willing to give up the search, I had a clear high pitch signal, not wanting to get too excited but I had a great feeling this is it! so I dove down into the murky water, just pinpointer with my fingers at the tip to feel for this beautiful rose gold ring. The Pin pointer was turned on then started buzzing by miracle my finger slipped straight into the ring not knowing what was on my finger I came up fast and their it is, Matt's rose gold wedding band engraved Shelley sitting safe on my index finger. After over 3 hours of searching and hope fading but not willing to give up, it was recovered.

Matt was so grateful to see his wedding band again I was so relieved to find it because it can't go anywhere and he knows it's their so I would of come back again and again.Special thanks to Matt for supplying the much needed ladder also the boat he dragged across the park and sitting their patiently while I'm having fun metal detecting. All the best Matt & Shelley

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Lost your ring?

Chances are it is here at LJR, waiting for you to claim. If not, I am more than happy to help locate it.

If you have lost your item on this beach, give me call and answer the following questions to clarify you as the rightful owner.

  • Is it engraved/not engraved? If engraved, what does the engraving say?
  • Is it Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds etc? Carat?
  • Location where this item was lost?
  • Clear description of the item.
  • Picture of you wearing the item.
  • Purchase receipt.

LJR looks forward to your call and I personally look forward to meeting you and returning your beloved item.


If you make a false claim it is considered as stealing and legal action can be taken.