Lost Diamond Platinum Ring found - Bondi Beach Sydney

Today I received another call out from the Bondi beach lifeguards, a report of a men's lost platinum wedding ring with a diamond setting. After speaking with Shane (owner), the ring was lost on dry sand he took it off to go for a swim, it was left on the towel that got picked up flicking the ring into the soft sand, dont worry these things happen everyday I said. He explained where it was lost then I started my grid search and after seconds of my minelab Excalibur 11  metal detector switched on bingo, $20,000 ring found! What a huge relief for Shane and I. All wedding bands are priceless, it's not the same to go out and buy a new ring. You made the right decision to hire an experienced trustworthy detectorist like myself to find and return your beloved wedding band, all the best Shane.

Support me in my journey of keeping our parks and waterways trash free and help people find and reunite with their beloved lost belongings along the way.

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Lost your ring?

Chances are it is here at LJR, waiting for you to claim. If not, I am more than happy to help locate it.

If you have lost your item on this beach, give me call and answer the following questions to clarify you as the rightful owner.

  • Is it engraved/not engraved? If engraved, what does the engraving say?
  • Is it Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds etc? Carat?
  • Location where this item was lost?
  • Clear description of the item.
  • Picture of you wearing the item.
  • Purchase receipt.

LJR looks forward to your call and I personally look forward to meeting you and returning your beloved item.


If you make a false claim it is considered as stealing and legal action can be taken.